Buccal Fat Pads Removed at Age 25 - Looking for "Reversal"

I know it says I had a "cheek lift", but...

I know it says I had a "cheek lift", but "buccal fat pad removal" was not on the list of options, so... I had my buccal fat pads removed because I had a full face, now I'm realizing that my full face wasn't THAT full and it was actually quite charming. I want the fat back in my face!

I had my buccal fat pads removed at age 25 (a year and a half ago), now I'm wondering if it's possible to "reverse" this procedure. I understand that fat grafting is probably the only way to go, so is it possible to go back into the emptied pockets (where the fat pads were) with fat?

I was about to do it, however the surgeon convinced me not to and explained the long term disadvantages. I just had an a-tip nose which made it as if my cheeks were slimmer. The surgeon is Good.. The nose job was far less than the buccal fat pad removal.
thank god i do plenty of research before doing anything, you should have done way more research on this procedure .. as soon as i realized it will actually make you look older, nooo way .. also who cares if you are cheek are a little chubby at 25, your face will naturally lose fat as you get older, in fact, is that fat that keeps you looking young
I had a similar experience with you. I had the surgery in 2006 but I look very gaunt and hollow with time. The result was fine at first. But the fat loss makes two sides of the face become hollow and I feel myself like a scull.

Now I am missing my face before. I really regret in taking such a risk. I am thinking fat transplant can help rebuild the fat permanently to a certain extent. But fat calcification and cell death are my worries. It sound very terrible when I know the fat may decay and ooze from the pore....full of hesitation and worries. If you are considering buccal fat removal removal, I sincerely say NO.

rfrazar, may I know if fat transplantation works for you? The wrong decision haunts me like ghost, sometimes I wake up in the midnight and could not sleep again when thinking of my future,
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