Facial Damage from Cheek Implants

I had cheek implants placed about two years ago at...

I had cheek implants placed about two years ago at the age of fifty and unfortunately for me the surgeon cut through the periosteum, muscles,and nerves in the left side of my face. For one year we thought I had nerve damage until another surgeon went in and saw the damage.

The muscles are detached from the orbital rim of my face. I can not use my upper lip well and I have no fold from the corner of my mouth to my nose anymore. When I walk, talk, exercise, eat my face spasms and my eye closes and the whole left side of my face contracts. It feels like nothing is attached. If I hold my face up at the orbital rim I can relieve the pain and spasms...but I need my hands to function.

Is there a mask or bandage that os strong enough to hold up facial muscles.? I feel like a staple gun to the right areas would give me my life back. In all seriousness. It hurts. The doctors say the pain I am experiencing is from nerve, muscle, and muscle ligament attachment problems.

I had a great life. I know I can't go back i just want my face not to hurt anynore when I move it. I know that there are doctors out ther that can help me. We can put a human face back on. I just don't know how to find out who these doctors are. can you help? I have the financial resources to go anywhere.

My last surgeon thinks I need a cranio facial guy. Someone experienced in someway of screwing the offending muscles back in place. He tried to do a SAS facelift...the pain and spasms stopped until my face literally fell off of the attachements again.

I don't meean to scare you or complain. I know there are people worst off than me...but I would love my life back. Any info or ideas or suggestions would be most helpful. I look pretty good...my face just doesn't work. Thanks MK

Can anyone make a suggestion...referral?


Professor David David AC. He's in Adelaide, Australia. You can't post urls on RealSelf but if you google his name then you should easily find him. Good luck. K
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I need to be very specific that Dr A. was NOT my cheek implant provider or remover. He was the wonderful,compassionate surgeon that tried to fix what happened to me much later. I adore him. He's a fabulous doctor. My situation is just more than he can handle. I need someone who specializes in revisions/reconstructive facial work with experience in microsurgery and maybe craniosurgery. Thanks.

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I wanted to have a small lipoma removed that I was...

I wanted to have a small lipoma removed that I was born with but Dr Gray and I made bigger plans


Hi Virginia, I'm so sorry to hear what happened to you. It's been a few years since you posted here. I wonder if you've found anybody who can help you. If you are still looking, here is a craniofacial specialist I heard a lot good things about: Dr. Yaremchuck in Boston. I don't have experience with him directly. But during my research, his name surfaces many times. Good luck to you!
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Virginia, I was wondering if you were able to get some help for your nerve pain/ damage. I had cheek implants back in 2009 and I never regained feeling in half of my upper lip. I have gum pain, lip pain and a lot of times, the roots of my teeth ache terribly.

Any information would help me greatly! I am taking Cymbalta and Klonopin, which seems to help just a little.
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How terrible for you to have a surgeon actually push with all his strength on the mal positioned cheek implant he put in! Even I can tell that is not the way to go about it.
I hope you are better now and have found someone who can help you. It sounds like this doctor should be reported.
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Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon

My last surgeon is a wonderful compassionate, caring human being. He tried to put me back together but he admits that he does not have the skills to do it. i need more help. Craniofacial help he thinks. I love and trust this doctor...but I am not your straightforward cosmetic surgery patient.

Updated on 31 Aug 2011:
Dr Gray completely destroyed my face with a lipoma removal in my neck and cheek implants. he chopped up the muscles in my neck and also completely destriyed the muscles around my eyes, cheeks, temples, mouth and jaw. Dr gray absolutely butcheed me. I m still in shock that something like this can happen to a patient of a board certifird surgeon.

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