Cheek Implants Numbness

I was very annoyed with the nasolabial fold. Was...

I was very annoyed with the nasolabial fold. Was told by the doctor that cheek implants will bring the fold up. Had cheek implants in addition to the upper eyelids and nose job.

Two weeks post-op the left cheek is more swollen and there is numbness and left lip appears to be a little lower (dropped) then the right. Questioned the surgeon. Was told that he visualized the nerve and is positive that he did not cut it. What is the time frame for the sensitivity and functionality to recover? When should I consider the removal of the implants? Will the sensation come back after the removal of the implants?


Why am I having extreme pain and numbness 1 week post op cheek implants? It is much, much worse! I have been on antibiotics (amoxycillin), steroids, and alternating 2 darvocets and 4 advils every 2 hours. I now have thrush in my mouth. Is there a chance that there could be 1)infection; 2)rejection; or 3)severed nerves? I am in a stage of panic!!! Please answer soon! Thanks! clinker
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Most probably it is just a postop reaction of your tissues to surgical trauma. One week postop is realy too soon to say. I know you did not expect that. Unfortunately they don't tell you all the complications... It should get better. But not in 2-4 weeks like they say. I had cheek implants done 10 months ago and it is still bothering me. It is uneven and it is uncomfortable. I am actually planning on having them out some time next months. But yours could be different. Give it more time.
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Consider filler first. The effect is temporary but there is no risk of nerve damage/even temporary dysfunction is very scary...

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