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Cheeklift/Eyelift/Browlift/Laser Resurfacing - Excellent Job

When I hit 50, I noticed a general sagginess and...

When I hit 50, I noticed a general sagginess and tiredness in my face that was no longer helped by fillers and or botox (though I did do them sparingly). I wanted a more permanent and natural solution - thank God I found my Dr.

I researched and interviewed many, many plastic surgeons, but found Dr. M's experience, education, innovative techniques and demeanor put him head and shoulders about the rest. I was very concerned that the doctor I chose not only be a good "technical surgeon" but also have a eye for aesthetics. Dr. M spent almost an hour with me on my first visit showing me how different procedures would affect my features and listened carefully to what I wanted to accomplish (not what HE wanted to do).

The end result looks fabulous - not overdone at all - completely natural, but I look refreshed, which is exactly what I wanted.

Additionally, his staff is amazing. Great follow up skills - they will answer any question day or night if you need them. Dr. M even answered several of my emails directly (when I had asked the nurse something and she deferred to him). They are there 100% before, during and after surgery. Go to this doctor! You will not be disappointed.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

See above. He is an excellent doctor and his results speak for themselves. Please look at his website and you will see what I mean.

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I will only do this procedure if i can view some photos from anybody that has had this done before, Is it possible to send me pics of before and after the surgery than that way i can make my decision asap. Thank you. p.s. I want to have the cheek lift along with the lower eyelid surgery.
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Hi there:

I didn't have lower eyelid surgery, and as I think I mentioned somewhere, the upper eyelid/and browlift really didn't "take for me". Dr. M redid the browlift free of charge and said that some people have very heavy brow/lid muscle that dont't respond as well to surgery. i don't think I even took "after" photos, but Dr M would probably have some to show you. I can assure you you will not look overdone. I did ask him to be very conservative because I wanted a natural look. That may be why my result was not as noticeable.
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Can you tell me what kind of lift you had because there are several out there, I want to have the endoscopic one, and also can you tell me your age, I am 36 and some people think that that is too young to have this done.
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I have to say I have appreciated Dr. Brent's kindness over the past few days. I have been communicating with him through RealSelf about something else entirely -- and I'm not even his patient. His kind words have helped me deal with a tough situation, for which time is, hopefully, the solution.
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