The Downfall I Noticed

About 4 years ago, i had lipposuction done, and...

About 4 years ago, i had lipposuction done, and the fat inserted into my gluteal area, i did not like the results, because it did not seem as if though anything was there at all.

Afer about one year i decided to get buttock implants, i took some underwear i use to wear that had the padden in them to my consultation and told the doctor how i wanted my buttock to look, he told me they should look bigger than what i was wearing. I was able to see them for myself all i remember him saying was that mines were a 250 not sure if that was the size or what. The procedure was done same day, i was happy with the results at least 80%.

After the swelling wwent down and time pass, they did not look like the underwear i used to wear with the padden, because, while i use light clothing, soft dresses, my butt looks nice and sexy. If i decide to put on some jeans then that was the problem i had to go back to my underwear for a much bigger rounder butt, theres nothing like a sexy butt in some jeans.

Can the implants i have in now, be removed and bigger ones placed in the sme area? would that be a problem for me?


I had BA performed by Dr. Salas Martinez 3 weeks ago. I had a bad experience. I wouldn't recommend him to ANYONE. I explain in detail in my profile. Also, to anyone who is considering going to him, his staff make a lot of promises so please keep in mind that what they are promising over the phone, via email etc may not be what you get once your there. Once your credit card is charged, things change and the quality of service changes. I'm speaking from my own personal experience with this doctor.
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He is a fraud! I did a lot of research. For one, he is not an AMPCER doctor. So many issues. I cancelled everything. I hate to give away a good secret but doctor Carmina Cardenas is the only way to go for any bodywork.
I know what you mean, she's so warm and friendly.
Dr. Jose Salas Martinez

My doctors is a very experienced person, with any procedure he does. all credential is up to par, no lawsuits or complaints. Ive been a client of hes for more than three times. i have recomended more than ten different people to him all were happy with whatever he did for them. Staff very professional, clinic extremly clean.

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