Implant Concern

Pros is that my butt looks good. cons are pain,...

Pros is that my butt looks good. cons are pain, numbness, tingling and tightning of the buttock area and down the legs I am very concerned that they may have to come out and what will I look like if that is the case

I had my implants put in around 9 years ago, now I have a tightness along with pain in my buttocks that goes down my legs, my butt gets really hard and it makes it difficult for me to walk, is there a way that I can find out if the implants are whats causing this?

hello did you get your implants removed? I don't have pain or any other discomfort, but in fact it doesn't look real with some type of clothes, for example with jeans it looks okay, but I'd like to become to be myself with no plastics on my body, can you tell me please how does it look after the explanation surgery?
Hey hotgirl 2005 I am having surgery done tomorrow and I was curious of who was perfoming your surgery this month as well??
I am surgery tomorrow with the butt implants and I wanted to know how was your healing process..did it take long for u to move around and did u get any infections or complications? I am really nervous and need some advice..
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He is the best, not only is he knowlegebel but he is a caring person.

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