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I had silicone injected into my butt 2006..i...

i had silicone injected into my butt 2006..i almost died from it..it took me over a 1 year to heal afer having a surgery to drain the silicone out of my buttocks..

i regret it sooo much..the person was unlicensed..my butt my bigger..got lots of compliments and men chasing me..but it almost cost me my life..i had to get a blood transfusion..i lost lots of blood from doing this to myself..my hospital bill was 100,000 from being in the hospital for about 3months..my friend and i went through this pain at the same time..i couldnt drive,they had to insert a pic line into my arm..i lost lots of weight..

my butt is terrible..men was running from me..i couldn't get a man..they were scared of my butt..i had a leaky booty..silicone had to leak out of my butt so i could get better..i really couldnt wear clothes..if i did it would leak through leaving a big wet spot..embarassing...i had to drive sitting on pillows in my convertible.

the wounds wasnt healing after being treated at wound care.. so i use aloe and it heal up after a month..wow..now i want to have fat transfer into my buttocks and later have a skin graft to cover up my scars..but i'm scared..thinking i might died

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Omg..I am so glad you made it through that horrible ordeal. Makes me think .
Thank you sweetie. May God bless you too.
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unlicensed person

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