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My butt looks great, like I've been working out on...

My butt looks great, like I've been working out on its for years!

I had a butt to start with but just needed that extra hump on the top of it. Surgery did it for me, its not a J.Lo butt, but it looks great!

Just need some advice on getting back in shape, my legs are starting to get fat from doing nothing all this time for 3 months. Help!! Will exercise burn the fat that was transferred to my butt after 3 months of recovery?
Thank you for the advice ! can you tell me a little more about your story , where you got the MM and the troubles you can message me again , I am very interested and would like to use it in my research for weighing out my options
thank you again can I see your pix?>
Hi, I was just wondering if you could tell me who your doctor was for the brazilian butt lift. Also, are you still happy with the results. I have read a lot about the fat absorbing into the body over time.
Dr. Mendieta in Miami, Fl. I am very happy. I suggest you dont do the butt lift/fat transfer with any procedure that requires you to sleep on your back (ex. breast lift or augmentation, tummytuck). That way the fat can survive better on your butt. At first your butt will be huge but the swelling does goes down and its worth the money compared to what your before butt looks like. Your results will depend on how much fat you have on your body for him to take out, so you might have to gain 20-30lb of weight to get a good results. His specialty is lipo and butts not the rest of his procedures. If you want breast go to Dr. Messa in Weston.
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He knows how to form a butt.

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