50% TCA Peel for Stretch Marks

I used a %50 TCA peel for my stretch marks. I was...

I used a %50 TCA peel for my stretch marks. I was desperate to get rid of them so I ordered the TCA online after reading some other reviews.

For some reason, it didn't work. Yes, the area burned and turned white but my skin never peeled. Now(10days later) I see slight scarring and my skin is wrinkled. But my main problem is these tiny bumps that I get every time, I sweat or workout. It seems as though the TCA is within my pores but it's not coming out completely. I get these bumps and then they go away after an hour then reappear when I workout again.

Perhaps you shouldn't be working out quite yet. Did you do a patch test ? Doesn't sound like it. Don't blame the TCA. Many people get great results. What you are calling scarring and wrinkles is most likely skin that will still peel. Oftentimes, the treated skin will peel twice.
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