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Bulge After Tummy Tuck - I Don't Know What's Wrong

I have a great Tummy Tuck experience. I had only...

I have a great Tummy Tuck experience. I had only positive results. I only have one complete, I still have a large bulge. I started out with a very large extended tummy, with some loose skin.

I now have no loose skin, but when I realaxe my tummy muscles I have that bulge.

Any help would be great. This picture was taken at two months. I know ave a larger bulge.

I had a tummy tuck done on April 14, 2009. I have had a great recover. Not too much pain. I'm now three months out and still have a large bulging tummy. I look about 4-6 month pregnent. I just don't have the extra skin anymore. My PS doesn't know what is wrong. He fixed a 10cm gap, and saids that I may have bladder and bowel problems if he goes tighter. What could it be?
I know this post is rather old but perhaps the ps used dissolving stitches instead of permanent ones. And they dissolved before your tummy had a chance to fully heal together. So, id guess you need to find one that will use permanent sutures. Just a guess on my part.... good luck everyone. Hope it works out.
Hi All, I had a TT Feb.'11 and my stomach (below bellybutton) is STILL ROUNDED! What's with that? I've waited and just will NOT go flat! I had a HARD time with surgery in that it took me at least three months to get past lot of swelling -- PS said it was my age (62 then), but I've been on strict exercise regime and serious dieting. I'm loosing ok but just not in stomach. I swear, I'm doing 120 sit ups a day, wouldn't you think I could see a difference? Above BB I have a small pooch. I'm just sick over this and can NOT get in to PS or even surgical nurse to get any idea what's going on.
Does ANYONE KNOW?? Any suggestions or ideas??
Hello everyone! I had my full tt july 27th 2011. So yeah, just about 3 weeks ago. The steri strip doc used over my cut caused me a severe allergic reaction. Red and swelling and even looked deformed. Also had breast augm and same thing happened in the areola section (alergic reaction). Can anyone tell me aside of itching creams what i can put to make redness and that bulge go away from around incisions both of tt and breast augm? Oh and am i supposed to suck in stomach muscles right mow or is the gurtle enough? Thanks so much.
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