Brownish Ring Under Eyes After Fraxel Laser

I received one of three scheduled fraxel laser...

I received one of three scheduled fraxel laser treatments to tighten skin under eyes 3 weeks ago along with some other surgical procedures (rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, fat transfers to cheeks & NLFs).

Now I have light brownish circles under my eyes sligtly reaching the upper part of my cheeks. They also cover the inside corners of my eyes, and slightly on the edge of my upper eyelids. I've always suffered from dark circles around my eyes, but this is worse than what I originally had!

My plastic surgeon does not know why this happened. He has prescribed Tri-Luma for this. I haven't used it yet, I'm afraid because the area is still quiet dry and slightly peeling, even 3 weeks later.

I want to know if Tri-Luma will work in getting rid of brown circles caused after the Fraxel laser treatment? If not, what else can I try to lighten or get rid of them?


Without seeing this all I might suggest is a filler, fat transfer or dermablend cosmetic to hide this.Maybe the skin is loose under your eyes and a lower lift to pull/remove the skin and alleviate the shadow and damage?? My Fraxel black eyes lasted for a long time but eventually resolved. Maybe youll have to go for these injections to keep you from being depressed? Go to a top cosmetic dermatologist or PS. Id ask the doctor for your before and after pics and take action against Palamor. Best of luck in resolving this awful result. Post as news develops.
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I had Polamar fractional laser done over 1 1/2 years ago. I never had dark circles under my eyes, but after the procedure, my skin appears to have sunken in under my eyes forming a dark ridge. It looks horrible and has added 10 years to my look. I returned to the doctor and was told they don't know what caused it and they supposedly contacted Palamor and were told, "we've never heard of anyone developing this." In other words, too-bad, so sad. The doctor suggested injections but I declined because this is not an expense or procedure I want to incur for the rest of my life. Family and friends have noticed the change in my appearance and I am tired of fielding questions from people asking if, "everything OK at home?" I have tried concoctions that are supposed to alleviate the dark circles and none have worked because it's the deep ridge that's formed under the eye socket that's caused the dark color. Does anyone have a solution for this?
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Also, after reading all of these horror stories about fraxel restor....I'm feeling very nervous. I've done 3 treatments and see great improvement in my skin overall (except for the rings around my eyes) but I'm concerned that a year or so from now I may have some serious side effects. Is there anyone that has not experienced side effects a year or so post fraxel restor?
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Recommend for rhinoplasty & blepharoplasty.

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