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37 Y/o Male, Worried About my Browlift Recovery Progress

I have read several posts here about Brow lifts...

I have read several posts here about Brow lifts and other procedures but don't feel that everything I want to ask is answered in one place. Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

I am a 37 year old male. It pretty decent shape. It is my 24th day post OP. I had a multitude of things done. I had an endoscopic browlift/midFace (I have 4 incisions in my hairline). He pulled/tightened my droopy checks and put some fat injections at the cheek bone. I had upper and lower blephroplasty. The lower eyelids he only removed the fat from under my eyes (bags) no cuts on lower.

I also had Vaser Liposuction on my abdomen and flanks. I had about 2500cc's taken out. I had pretty extensive work done.

Face - One side of my eyebrows doesn’t move at all and the other I can begin to detect SOME movement. The night of surgery I had a small emergency due to a hematoma needing cauterized on one side of the hairline area (the eyebrow movement problem side). I had to go back into surgery that night to stop the hematoma in my forehead. He drained most of the blood. That part was a horrific experience. I felt a lot of blood was left in the forehead. It still feels squishy and swollen. Also, my forehead stitches still have not dissolved and there a couple of serious holes/depressions in the hairline where he did the work on both sides. They are still a little painful. I don’t brush my hair there yet. It feels so weird. It is still numb on top of my head; I still feel some tingling in the brow area too. I feel like I need to go see a neurologist just to know what is going on up there.

Vaser - I have worn a compression suit at least 22 hours everyday. It is SOOO HOT in Florida right now it is killing me. I am trying to go back into the gym and walk with some light spurts of jogging. My stomach is still sore like it is bruised especially when it jiggles. I still have some fat there.

1. Will I ever have my eyebrow movement back on that side? I have read that it could be permanent and it is a rare complication. 2. Will the swelling go down more in my forehead? It seems so slow and inflated. 3. At this point, do I still need to wear my compression suit ALL day? 4. Is it too soon to workout? 5. Will my stomach skin continue to shrink and contract? 6. Will the holes in my hairline smooth over? 7. When will stitches dissolve?

I hear everyone's problems and do agree regarding a endoscopic brow lift. The swelling in one side of the head was more severe, so that side continues to itch more. The knots in my head from the stiches will always remain. I believe my forehead and head will never feel normal again. The new wrinkles and bunching of skin at the end of my brows really bothers me, but I have promised my family no more cosmetic surgery.
Your brow lift experience sounds extremely framilar to mine. I am a 32 year old female. In excellent shape. I had a brow lift to address my sagging brows. I have no forehead lines or issues with furrowing. I actually asked my doctor not to disable my center muscles completely. So I could still have a lot of expression. My issues are as follows - I am 19 days out and am still unable to move my left eyebrow. I have a good amount of movement on my right side and this is starting to become an issue when I socialize, because my involuntary facial movement is unbalanced. My doctor mentioned needing to cauterize something during surgery on the left size and felt that this may have "shocked" the left motor nerve. I saw my doctor a few days ago and he did not seem overly concerned. However, edging up on three weeks, I am worried. I also experienced a great deal more numbness than I was prepared for. Brushing and washing my hair has become a stressful experience. The sides of my forehead and entire hairline and crown of my head remain numb. I had an endoscopic brow lift, but have long 2 - 3 inch incisions on my left and right temple area. I assume because I wanted the lift to really address my lateral brow area. I am happy with my results. Although my brows have settled a bit since surgery. My doctor feels I will experience some additional lift as muscles and nerves continue to recover. My questions are as follows - What is your status now, regarding eyebrow movement and numbness? For the doctors out there - Is it too early to address my eyebrow movement? My doctor suggested botox treatment to tame the right eyebrow while my left side recovers. He said he would wait four weeks before doing so. Is it possible that some of the settling that has occured will lesson once my muscles and nerves have recovered more fully and swelling has completely resolved itself? Please note my swelling is more or less all gone at this point. Thank you!
Dr. Fernando Avila

The doctor seemed very good and knowledgeable, maybe it was just my experience. He had alot of patients while I was there.

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