Changed my Life So Much - Am So Happy

Never thought this surgery could change my life...

never thought this surgery could change my life this much,am so..happy with the results,intially i was anxious and scared but now,i think its worth it.


I had a breast reduction 7 days Ago and i feel great my breast look great and the wonderful part of it all is V.A did it here in Atlanta Ga.
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I had my surgery on August 26th, 16 days later im feeling ok i still have the tape on my nipples but other than that my healing is going well i cant wait to go bra shopping and not pay $85 for one bra lol i went from a 40DDD to i think a 38C or D... no more shoulder pain headaches gone back gone so greatful!!!
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can I go to work a week later. I work at a desk in the hospital.
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Dr Paintsil

my doctor is very friendly and will take his time to explain the procedure

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