Stitch Abcesses After Breast Lift Surgery

The reason I did it was that my breast were...

The reason I did it was that my breast were sagging to low. I am just worried about this recovery period and getting these wounds closed up.

I have two openings, one on each breast. I am in my 4th week after breast lift surgery. My question is what to do with these openings? Leave them alone? try to close them with a tape and neosporin? thank you for your response!
This is making me hesitant about getting a reduction. SCARY
1993 breast reduction went beautifully, fast forward 20 years to 2013 June breast lift for 36DD breasts , had same problem on one breast, did not close for many months. I became irritated from tape, liked Telfa bandages purchased in 100 ct pack from Amazon for under $15. Doctor did scar revision 2014 July/last week, also removed some fat necrosis. Best wishes to you.
Hey i had the same problem. I used sanitary pads inside my bra, so the weeping fluid wouldn't stick. I didn't use too much antibiotic cream as mine wasn't infected. Try the pads though, seriously after 2 days or so my wounds started to scab over because I wasn't continuously ripping the wound more with bra changes or dressing changes. Plus it doesn't hurt when you are out and about and you get the extra padding/protection from the sanitary pad. Good luck hun
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