Crescent Lift and Silicone Implants Boosted Post Baby Boobs (With Photos of Stitches)

I was told I didn't need a lift if I did large...

I was told I didn't need a lift if I did large enough implants, but I did NOT want large breasts, just firm and back up where they once were before breast feeding. So I opted for a crescent lift which is a crescent shape of skin removed above the areola and 325cc silicone. Result was pretty good, although they are wide set and one droops a little still.

I can tell you there is a big difference in the results if you start out flat chested or very small with little or no sagging versus starting out with sagging. The result is definetly more predictable and round if you start out with less sagging. My sister and I have exact same body types and went to the same doctor, but she never nursed babies, so did not need a lift and hers are much rounder and have a better shape. I may have had a better result with a Benelli lift which is a complete circle around the entire areola. But I am happy. Should have done it years ago! My fear was family history of breast cancer so I was concerned about mammograms, etc.


Updated October 17, 2009

I had silicone implants placed below the muscle and a crescent lift 10 weeks ago. I immediately thought they were too far into my armpits. My surgeon completely disregarded my concerns. My left breat has gotten worse. Now when I lay on my back, it slides all the way into my armpit. It feels really gross when it slides like that, and I can just feel it all the time in my armpit.

For my implant pockets which I believe are too wide, I read they can internally suture the pocket on the outer edge to keep implant from moving into the armpit. Can that be done without having to replace the implants...they're only 10 weeks old. Is their anyone who can comment about this who has had their implant pockets made too big, or had the revision surgery for implants that slide into the armpit?

I had a crescent lift and submuscualr silicone implants. I am happy with the look and feel of the right breat, but I can see and feel the implant of the left breast. It seems to be protruding too far into my arm pit, I can feel it in my arm pit, and I can see and feel the implant on that side only. If they were both the same I would think that's just the way it is, but my right side is fine. My PS is very dismissive about everything and says that is my tissue, there's nothing he can do about my tissue. He won't even address the fact that they are different so there must be a reason. Is it possible that the pocket was created too wide or far out to the side? Can I have the side "stitched" to close up the pocket a bit?
Are you able to post new photos? I'm interested to see how your scars look.
3 years later (first under muscle- hated it, then replaced over muscle- subglandular, way better!) I have to say, if you need a lift, you need a lift! I tried larger implants thinking that if they were large enough they would be full enough to not need a lift. NOT TRUE. All is well, except that they still sag (in the picture they don't look to sag because there is swelling that lasts awhile and makes them seem nice and firm). And the crescent lift (half moon over the areola) is useless. It just stretched and now they still sag but have a high scar over the nipple. My recommendation if there is sagging...LIFT and implants.
Completely agree with you, i just had my breast lift, reduction, and 240 cc silicone implants over the muscle done on jan 6 th in brazil. I really knew what look i was after, and i was very clear with my doc that i wanted a reduction, even though when he said 240 cc, i though it was too much. The fact is, i wanted to look like before having a child, and before sag. Amd i do look like that now. I was really really clear as i waited ten years to get this done!!! Research is knowledge !!! Know what u want before walking in, and trust ur doc knowledge and take it into consideration. My review will be here online tomorrow, hope helpfull to some !
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I really don't recommend or not recommend him, I just had to choose yes or no and don't want to say no. He could have a better bed side manner.

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