Still Saggy After a Mastopexy and Breast Augmentation

About 3 1/2 months ago I had a breast lift...

About 3 1/2 months ago I had a breast lift (inverted T) with augmentation. My doctor used HP 300cc implants. My breast still appear to be saggy, they lack fullness on the top and one seems to sag a bit more than the other. I have not discussed that I am unhappy with the results with my doctor yet. I am scheduled to see him in 2 weeks and want to be well informed. Also, I have always worn my bra day and night.

Updated on Sep 17, 2009

you might have needed a full breast lift, I ended up with the anchor lift and am happy with the way it turned out,your scars and nipples do look very good.
First of all, the cost you mentioned is well below the standard for a breast lift with implants. I caution anyone who pays a discounted price for plastic surgery. You could have a revision to tighten the breast pocket inferiorly which could increase fullness in the upper pole of your breast and also allow you nipple to appear to move further south. It is too high currently.
Hello Dr. Ewart, thank you for your reply. Do you think it seems as if my breasts have "bottomed out"?

 I have already had my revision and I am very...

 I have already had my revision and I am very happy with the new results.

I wanted to know is this normal or am I eligible for a revision, and if I am what should be done?
What was his reasoning for not doing it right the first time? And was the recovery different the second time or the same? Thanks! Hope you're happier now.
No he had to actually re-do the whole anchor lift, cut skin, minimize the areola, the whole 9 yards. I went with a bigger implant size by choice. I would recommend adding an implant, it doesn't have to be big if you don't want to add more size but I think it definitely looks better, it just makes your breasts look fuller and rounder. Just think about it, I really doubt you'll regret it.
how much was therevision and what did it entail?
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He is very nice, easy to talk to, and does his best to try to satisfy the patient.

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