Double Bubble Effect - Small 175cc / 210cc Round Implants

I had a combined breast lift augmentation for...

I had a combined breast lift augmentation for saggy asymentrical small breasts with small 175cc round silicone implants. I am very happy with the results and the recovery.

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I had a combined breast lift and augmentation for...

I had a combined breast lift and augmentation for saggy asymetrical breast with 175cc and 210cc round silicone implants. My breast looked very good at first then at 3 weeks post op after my implants dropped I noticed a very obvious dent under both breasts. My surgeon said that it was my old breast crease. I am now six weeks post op and there is no change in fact I think it looks worse! Do you think the old crease will stretch out or will I need further surgery to correct this?

I am now 5 weeks post op and my implants which are very small 175cc round silicone have dropped and I now have a very obvious dent in both breast which my surgeon said is my old breast crease. I am not happy with the way it looks and my breast look unnatural and deformed. Will this correct itself or will I need further surgery?


Did you find a solution for your problem. I am from Germany and I had a breast augumentation but not lift. In each case I showed my surgeon the breast which had the double bubble effect after 6 weeks. I waited until this year in June. Then I got a second surgery. And it helped to improve the looking of my breast by opening the old surgery seam and made from the inside of the skin a few cuts so that the skin between the old breast crease and the new breast crease. Also he spread the breast dalen spots tissue until the new breast fold from the inside and it helped that now the right breast is perfect and the left breast is much more better than before. I really would appreciate to give you his adress. If it is not to late.
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I have recently had revision surgery and ten days after surgery my breast started to look exactly the same. So now my surgeon wants to wait another 12 months when things settle to have a third operation. Apparently it is not a double bubble and they haven't bottomed out either my surgeon thinks that the breast pocket is tightening causing it to look like it does. It is very frustrating especially since the second operation didn't work.
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it looks as if theyve bottomed out. i would go back to the plastic surgeon or get a 2nd opinion. i would not be happy with that result.
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Yes apart from the above problem everything else is fine.

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