Areolas Uneven After Breast Augmentation W/benelli Lift

Happy to have better shaped breasts... but...

Happy to have better shaped breasts... but dissapointed in the way the areolas look. They are unven and slanted ovals. I wanted them to be slightly smaller and circular.

I had breast augmentation with a benelli lift a few months ago and have noticed that my areolas are two different sizes. How hard would it be for my surgeon to fix this? Will he have to redo the benelli on the breast with the bigger areola? Or is it a simple fix? IE - Trim the skin area? How soon can I have this done? Thanks so much for your response.
hi there...i just had my implants replaced and my areolas made smaller. now my right areola is bigger than the left. my dr. noticed and said there were things her could do to fix it. i think that they can just numb you up in the office and trim the uneven skin. make sure you talk to your doc and let them know your not happy...your doc should not charge u to fix it
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Not completly satisfied and not sure that he will make it right... that is yet to be determined.

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