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I had my breast lift 3 months ago. I am very...

I had my breast lift 3 months ago. I am very consider now because my areola pops out of my clothes and bra consistently. It seems to me that my implant sagged more than expected, so now it appear as my areola is too high. I also lack fullness on the top, which I was hoping for a result.

I would like to know your opinion and what can I do to correct this procedure. Thank you !

I believe my breast bottomed-out (sagged more than expected) therefore it appears that my areola is too high?


aside from the under scar they look nice. not too high at all. maybe bra is too low.
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I honestly think your breasts look beautiful... they look natural. I know we are all our own worst critics... but seriously... you do look beautiful!
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Please tell us who the doctor is. I'm planning to have my implants done in Miami area and it would be good to know... Thanks
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