Horrible Job, Now Looking at Revision/re-lift

Pros - breast are fuller & larger.Cons -...

Pros - breast are fuller & larger.

Cons - lacking upper pole roundness, uneven nipple size, one breast larger than the other, still sagging which was expected to a certain point

Why would my PS recommend a re-lift only 6 months after my original surgery? Is there a possibility he did something wrong? I had a bilateral masteoplexy, lollipop incision.

Would have seen many different PS first. Would have asked if a second surgery would be needed. Should of not had other work done on the same day.

Does anyone have a PS they would recommend for a re-lift and augmentation in San Diego?


Oh, and another thing: No upper pole roundness is not your surgeon's fault. You're not supposed to expect/get any upper pole fullness from a breast lift. That doesn't happen in nature - only with implants.
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Firts of all, one breast being larger than the other is NOT the result of the surgury. That's how you were before you just didn't notice it as much because of all your extra skin. Different areola sizes and shapes is to be expected, and a good surgeon revises that in a separate second surgery for free. Also my surgeon took a little breast tissue out of one breast to make them more even. That was also included in the free revision surgery. Free, meaning the cost is included in the original price. Except for a $50 surgical fee. Yes you should have shopped around more, sounds like you needed the the Wise incision the doctor above was speaking of if you were still sagging. Did you learn about the 3 stages of ptosis, and find out which stage you were? Do you even know what ptosos is? I saw 10 doctors before I went under the knife. The verdict: 9 for the lollipop incision, 1 for the donut/conical. And I almost went with that conical dr. until I got more opinions, cuz he was the second one i saw , ans i like the idea of less scarring. But he was wrong.
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You may wish to see a plastic surgeon skilled and interested in revisional breast surgery. The problems you describe are quite common and generally very treatable. The lollipop technique can often be converted to a Wise pattern for revision lifts needing a more powerful lift to better shape the breasts.
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Name not provided

Did a horrible job.

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