Post Op Blues After BA - is This Related to Anesthesia?

BA on 7/29/09 happy with early results, I am a...

BA on 7/29/09
happy with early results, I am a healing slowly, energy level still very low and pain is difficult but no regrets at all

I am 2 weeks PO and very sporaticly taking a Valium not more than 1x a day, and Vicodin 1x a day and am experiencing the post op blues. i have heard that these drugs and anesthesia can also influence your mood. How long does anesthesia last in your system? Can the valium and vicodin also contribute to my blues?


thanks so much--I am 3 weeks tomorrow and feeling a bit better, still sub par emotional but slowly getting there!
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The meds...especially Valium decreases your mood. It is intended to relax you and keep blood pressure down. I was fairly "blue" for 3 weeks, but as you are able to do more you will feel better. Just be patient!
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I fixed the cost for you. :) Cheers, --Sharon
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