It Looks Faker Than Fake :(

I was always made fun of because of my small...

I was always made fun of because of my small breast i was a 30.Being a model i had to have confidence and thought it would make me feel better bout myself..So i got it done,,

The surgery was very very painful,,i think the ansthesia wore off too soon,,n i was able to feel everything the doc was doin but i couldnt speak or tell them it was hurting..

My Dr, made sure i was confident bout the surgery but later i could never hate any 1 so much the way i hate him..

I had a breast implant 5 years back and it has still not settled down,,the implant feels its only above the nipple nothing below,i feel like i made a mistake getting it done coz it feels abnormal,,i cant even look at myself in the mirror.I went to the doc and he gave me a belt to wear around my chest so it goes down slowly but its been a year and no effect...what do i do...PLEASE HELP

If I were you I would go to a good certified doctor with references that specialize in revision. He defiantly can give you his opinion if you should have another implant or get them completely removed.
I think the doctor in india is awful.
Give it another chance and don't be mad. try to take all this frustration and direct it into doing an action and change the situation.
Keep us updated. I hope all goes well :)
I HONESTLY think your boobs look WAYYY better with the implants removed. SERIOUSLY! Love them. They are yours and more than a handful is a waste anyway. I hate all these fake rubbery boobs everywhere. I have had two kids and breastfed each for approx. a year each. They have served their purpose, and although not perfect anymore, they are still great and are all real. Glad you are learning to love what you have!
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All the other work i saw was really good,thats the reason i trusted him...My bad luck..:)

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