3 Surgeries and my Breasts Aren't Right

I've had 3 surgeries with her so far and my...

I've had 3 surgeries with her so far and my breasts aren't right. They look awful and I can't even say how upset I am. I'm getting married next month and we've spent 15,000 on these boobs. I can't spend any more but they need to be fixed.

Where do I turn? Would you please tell me where to go if I have a complaint about a plastic surgeon.

Gee what did the doctor do did they stuff up your breasts? I told the doctor l wanted to go bigger the first one was 380cc's so l talked my hubby into going bigger so then l went 650cc's l told them l wanted them high and pushed together but all l got was uneven breasts and when l move the breast you can see wrinkles l have been sooo upset over it even my hubby said l should of just been happy with my first one but no l wanted bigger well instead of getting bigger l got stuffed up breasts the first lot were silicone and the second were cohesive gel and l still have to wear a padded bra to keep them even.I don't want to keep paying for surgiers as its so expensive all l wanted was a nice set of boobs as l lost them when l breast fed my three kids;(
Hi there. I'm so sorry to hear what you're going through Trust me I do feel your pain. I will be undergoing a 5th surgery in just ove 3 years some time soon. Try to get money from your old PS since she/he obviously can't fix trhe problem. Beg and plead and express all tht you've been through. That's what I'm doing right now. I just brought in another doctor's quote which is way more money then their original offer and I hope they'll consider giving more. I REALLY do't want to get a lawyer! I'm going for another consult on August 19th to a doctor that's been recommended to me by a few people now - Dr. Spiro in West Orange Whenever I finally get these fixed, he will do it. Look at his website online, he's outstanding! The other dr I had a recent consult with is Dr Friedlander in Short Hills She's also great (Top Doc and all) but he was even recommended by a nurse at the PS office who knows alot about quality of surrounding surgeon's work. Also, a friend of mine went to him as wll as friends f hers. I only wish I'd gone to him first. Can't turn back time though. Keep me updated and God bless.
Did it work out with Dr.Spiro? I have had 2 sugeries by a surgeon in Florham Park and they are not right. Was thinking of going to him to. His website with before and after look great. Wish I had gone to him first to.
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