Had Breast Augmentation After 4 Children

I had breast augmentation after having my four...

I had breast augmentation after having my four children and feel a lot better about myself since having the procedure done. I had good results but have to replace my implants due to capsular contracture on my left breast.

I currently have 385cc's Silicone high profile implants and wear a C cup. I am 5'3 and weigh 130lbs. I would like to replace with 415 moderate profile Silicone implant since I will be replacing my implants due to capsular contracture. I would like to achieve a D cup.

Will 30 cc's make a difference in cup size?

Has anyone actually gone with Dr.Valero ,My sister is thinking of going with him but we would like to see some of his work first,,,
http://www.valerosurgery.com/English/contactos.htm I found a website for this doctor if anyone was interested.
I wld also like info on this doc pls :)
Jose Luis Valero

I would recommend my doctor because of his professionalism and caring attitude towards his patients.

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