250cc "Gummy Bear" Implants - Want These Things out Immediately!!!

Exactly 1 week ago I had Mentor silicone 250cc...

Exactly 1 week ago I had Mentor silicone 250cc (gummy bear)implants placed under the muscle. I feel I have made a grave mistake! I feel like an alien has invaded my body and for lack of better terminolgy a prisoner in my own skin.

I had the surgery to create fullness I had lost from when I was younger...used to be a 34c. Always had a nice bustline recently deflated to a 34b due to working out. I am 46 ys. old...the pain associated with my surgery, sleepless nights, nightsweats, loose bowel movements, and brain fog is most certainly nothing that my doctor explained to me nor what I expected. The worst part is I hate the way I FEEL and I hate the way they LOOK....so UNNATURAL. My boyfriend thinks they look great...Of course and thinks I am nuts!

I want to have them removed ASAP!!! I don't feel they are healthy for my body and I just want o feel like me again. I should have been happy with what god gave me.

I want to have them explanted. How soon after my 1st surgery can I have this done? What about outcome scarring and pain, recovery after expulsion? Also are there any vitamins or herbs to get my health in a positive direction since my body has already been exposed to the outer silicone shell? Really want the old me back!!! :) Thanks!


I had saline implants done 4 years ago & love them! I did not like them at first & I too wanted them out! I'm so glad I waited the 3 months my ps told me to wait. Also important to do the massaging instructions your sent home with--I still do them! I went from a very small b cup to a full c cup. Please be patient & see how you feel about them after the 3 months! I'm so glad I did!
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I also regretted having implants that made me from a size B to DD...way too big and even right before the surgery I told my doc not to make them so big but he said he had to because my breasts were too flat. Big mistake! What I should have had was a lift. Anyway LSS, I am getting them out after about 8 years. Most men can tell they are fake anyway, they were too big for my body, and I have had a lot of discomfort, backache, etc as a result of two fake things in my body. It will cost some money although he gave me a huge discount, but I think it's totally worth it. He is doing a lift when he removes them so I will be about half size bigger than my natural cup size and perky..I cannot wait! It's in bout a month and a half...Ladies, please think carefully before you get implants...I wanted them removed almost from the start but did not have the money, I have had to wait almost 9 years with the discomfort, worry, and looking much fatter in pictures if I may add. LOL. Good luck with your decisions
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I'm glad that I'm not alone in wanting them out so soon after surgery! Gentle Rose, you're right, those of us that want explant never should've got them in the first place, but it's too late now. I've read that postop blues are normal, and that a person should wait awhile before making a drastic decision to explant. I have no choice but to wait because I can't get time off work again until the summer! I guess we'll see if my feelings change over the next 3-4 months. I do feel like they are unnatural, and I know things change with time, and I also feel strange w/these foreign objects, but my biggest anxiety is that I can't stop thinking about all of those autoimmune disease horror stories, which didn't worry me so much before the surgery. I don't know why the sudden anxiety? Also, I originally chose Allergan 410 (the newly approved highly cohesive gels) because I thought they couldn't leak, but in the last two days, I've heard of 2 ladies in Australia who said theirs ruptured (one at 4 years detected by MRI and one didn't give date). Also, they can fissure, but no one knows or is saying what that means to our health if they fissure. Now that I've learned this, I know I would've felt better w/saline, but still, I would rather not have any implants at all with no anxiety!
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Unfortunately all of these doctors are the same...they say that breast implants are completely safe. I beg to differ!!!

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