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Unsatisfactory Tuberous Breast Correction

I had surgery to correct tuberous breasts over a...

I had surgery to correct tuberous breasts over a year ago. I had a lift, areola reduction, lowering of the breast crease and mod saline implants put in though areola incisions, partially under the muscle.

My breasts are very far apart, especially the left one which is almost in my armpit. I can also feel the whole, hard implant of my left breast. The ugly areola scars appear inside my areolas instead of completely around. You can also see my original breast on top of the implant.

What should I do? How can this all go about being corrected? Would silicone high profile have been better, but in a smaller size? I started out with 32b and now fit in a 32d bra.

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He just seemed interested in money.

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Thanks for sharing... look they don't look that bad, if you could see my breasts right now before surgery I'm sure you'd agree that yours are just fine. I know you are disappointed and they are not the 'normal' that you wished they would have been, but stay positive. At least there are options for the future and you have a great body. I wish you all the very best with everything.
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I had it done in Quebec, Canada and I remember wearing a compression garment or bandages but I don't remember for how long. It wasn't a bra.

It's been 3 and half years since the surgery and right now I'm considering revising with a smaller size or completely removing the implants. They feel terrible and limit my mobility. They will never be normal looking or feeling breasts with hard bags of water in them, and I'm hoping that I'll be able to help the appearance with a method using my own tissue. (Be it either fat grafting or a new method they are working on that will apparently be available in 10 years.)
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So curiousgal, you got the surgery done in Canada or did you get them done in the US? And in what state?
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Also did you wear a support bra they give you post operation and for how long?
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I am so sorry that both of you have been dealing with this. I am 5 1/2 weeks post-op after having a breast augmentation to correct my tuberous breasts. I couldn't be happier with my decision! My implants look very natural and normal and I hardly see any remnants of the tubular shape at all. My left breast was the more constricted of the two, so it is still working on stretching the skin underneath to fill out at the crease. Overall, I would say they both look great though. Don't give up hope. It sounds like you simply had a bad experience with a plastic surgeon. When/if you go for a revision, I would recommend trying to find one who has plenty of experience doing a revision procedure and also has lots of experience with tuberous breasts. I hope everything works out well for you both!
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hello, i hope this is acceptable, i am strongly considering doing the procedure you did. Do you think can tell me more? and maybe even give me a before and after pic? i would be so grateful.
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No problem. I have some photos listed in a private album on photobucket. I will list the web address below, just take out the spaces to use it:

http://s1183.photobucket.com/ albums/x463/ Jessica9777/

password is: NewGirls
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Unfortunately I'm still living with this. I do believe it can be improved according to what doctors in my other post have said. I have not gone in years for a checkup with my PS as I am so resentful against him.
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Did you ever wind up getting a revision surgery, and if so was it successful? I am currently having a very similar problem. I had tuberous breast augmentation surgery about 6 years ago. They never looked great, but now I can really see my tuberous breast as though it is sitting atop the implant just like yours. My right breast sags and moves in a tight ball when i lift my arm, and my scars on the areola are pretty noticeable since I don't believe he decreased the areola size enough to begin with. Thanks
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