Very Happy with 335cc Implants, Waiting on Final Size

Most wonderful thing I could have done for myself....

Most wonderful thing I could have done for myself...six days post and I feel wonderful went with 335...Love it! Doctor was wonderful.

What bra size or size breast do people tend to end up with when they go to 335cc? I was an A cup after my two children and an B cup prior.

Orlando Plastic Surgeon

Very good explaining procedure, Very nice, Patient... So much more and I went to 5 other consults before deceiding.

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Hiya I'm about to go for my op in a months time. The first time I went to see the consultant he suggested 240cc in one and 255cc in the other but they aren't doing these sizes anymore. He has since suggested that to get them as even as possible I should now go for 325cc and 335cc's!! This is quite a bit bigger than what he previously suggested. I said I wanted to look natural and he said I will. You guys sound happy with yours. I don't want huge ones as I'm only 5'2 so don't want to look out of proportion - any advice? I'm a bit worried they will be really heavy and end up sagging after a while?'s also very exciting. Just want to make sure I'm making the right decision size wise...adny advice would be great, thanks!!!
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I am the same as you...B before 2 kids and A after. I also went with 300cc filled to 335... I am five weeks post and measure full C to D depending on the bra... VC measured me a D cup. I am very happy my breast still havent dropped but they say it could take up to three months. I do wish I have gone a little bigger but I hear everyone goes thru that. I do love them tho...:)
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bareley and a cup- got 300cc and am a full b. very happy with choice.
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