Seroma or Swelling?

I had a bi-lateral breast augmentation to correct...

I had a bi-lateral breast augmentation to correct a tuberous breast deformity.

Pros are that my breasts are bigger so far, but the cons are the shape, which is very conical at the moment, because they have not yet dropped into the pocket. There is also some residual numbness over each breast, but overall, the procedure was not nearly as painful as I had feared.

How can you tell the difference between a seroma and normal swelling? I have an area of puffiness over my right breast, and the area is numb. But it is squishy, not hard like typical swelling.

It has been two weeks since my augmentation surgery. Also, my right implant still sits higher than my left.


KK, Seromas typically occur around the implant itself, not frequently under the skin or nipple. They can be difficult to detect and may require an ultrasound. I suspect what you are describing is normal postop swelling, but don't be afraid to bring your concerns up with your provider. Dr. Tyrone Gainesville, FL

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