Implants Ruptured Twice... Now I Want Them out

I had breast implants put in when I was 19 years...

I had breast implants put in when I was 19 years old. After 7 years, the right one ruptured. I got it replaced under 5 years ago. It ruptured again- on the right side. I now want to have them both removed to avoid any more negative experiences.

I want to have them both removed, but do not want to pay the $2500 it will cost for the surgery. I was wanting to deflate/ rupture the left implant myself with a sterilized needle. I understand that is most likely advisable, but is there any other option to having both implants gone without paying the outrageous cost?

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I actually think the surgeon is phenomenal! I just don't think it's worth having to go through the emotional turmoil when they rupture.

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ummmmmm i hope you did not do it, cuz you know that the implant will still be in your body and need to be taken out anyways right? you can get a very serious infection if not.
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are you serious? if you are thinking of rupturing your own beast is not only DANGERIOUS but what are you thinking?????????? I hope you are kidding.
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