Ruptured Saline Implants

After years of being unhappy with my breast,...

After years of being unhappy with my breast, having breast augmentation made me feel confident once again. I was so happy when I was able to have them done I did not think about the fact that something might have gone wrong. I should have not gone in blindly regarding the warranty on the implants from the manufacturer. I am now being told by my doctor that I will have to incur some, if all of the cost of having them replaced.

My saline implants ruptured after 2yrs and 6 mos. Unfortunately I am unable to locate any documents relating to the terms of the contract which my doctor had given to me. Do I have to have to pay to have the implants replaced? Do I reported my situation to the FDA in case of manufacturer defect?


Saline implant can leak and rupture. this is the nature of the breast implant. You do not need to report to the FDA. If you know the manufacturer then they will test the implants.The warranty covers the implant sometimes they will cover part of the surgery, depend which warranty you bought.
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Hi Bettyann,

Most breast implants have a warranty period of 5-10 years but you'd need to know what kind of implants you have. You can call your doctor and have them check their records for this information (implants have serial numbers so they should have this info). From there, if your implants are under warranty then the company will help with all or part of the replacement cost.

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Good luck!

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I will be able to make my decision after my issue has been remedied.

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