325cc Silicone Mod. Plus Profile for Post-baby Breasts - Right Implant Moving Up on Chest

I had a great experience with my augmentation. My...

I had a great experience with my augmentation. My recovery was quick and I had little pain. I had the surgery to fill out the loose skin and fill in the empty breasts having two children and gaining then losing weight left me with. I chose to get 325cc moderate plus profle silicone implants. I went with silicone to minimize rippling since I had very little existing breast tissue and a thin frame. I am 5'6" and weigh about 118 pounds. I barely filled out a 32 A prior to my surgery and am very pleased with my results so far.

About a week ago, I noticed that the right breast has started moving up my chest and when I lift my arm the incision goes below my crease. I called my PS, he said to come in so he could take a look. He could see what I was talking about but said the implant had good movement within the pocket and did not feel firm. He was a little concerned that the implant does not seem to rest all the way at the bottom of the breast, and said this is often seen with capsular contracture. The implant can be pressed down into the pocket, it just does not stay down. This is a new issue since my 6wk follow-up. He said at this point to keep massaging and see him in a month and possibly then try taking Singulair if I am not seeing improvement. I have been keeping a picture diary of my progress each week and you can clearly see that the right breast has moved up. I can see a change in the position of this breast and I can feel a difference. The left breast is now softer than the right and if I press on the right implant, it is soft but I also feel resistance that is not there on the left. The implant can move up, down left and right, so I can see why my PS is hesitant to label this as capsular contracture. I am just concerned that there may be more I can do.

Updated on Jul 18, 2009

Lynn, I have the exact same problem with my right side. It was slightly higher before surgery, but not too noticable. After surgery, I noticed that my right side was not fully dropping, and went to my doctor every 6 weeks for six months with my concerns. He finally diagnosed me with capsular contracture. No amount of massage/compression or vitamin E has helped, and I never did use Accolate or Singulair because I was already a Grade III or IV by the time it was diagnosed. I am now going in for a revision. I hope since yours is being caught earlier that you will have better luck.
I am hopeful that something will be done sooner rather than later. I emailed my PS pictures on Friday and he messaged me back to come back in to reevaluate things and discuss any possible assymetry. I'm not sure why there is hesitation to diagnose a patient with capsular contracture, because I hear this from many sources. I wonder if it has something to do with the FDA and having to report capsular contracture cases to them? Not really sure and I doubt a doctor would say if that was why but if so the FDA should give breast implants a break...LOL You would never hear them say that pacemakers or joint replacements are unsafe because they might form scar tissue. I'm sorry yours got so bad before anything was done. I sure hope that my PS wants to take action now. Good luck with your revision.
The facts are that some capsular contractures can be treated non operatively - and I would do everything that I can to be one of those patients. Patients with secondary operations for capsular contractures have a higher incidence of repeat capsular contractures than primary surgical patients. What that means is that you are not guarenteed to be better by having surgery. It should be the last result. Delaying it does not reduce your likelihood of a better result. Good Luck

I need to be sure that I am doing everything...

I need to be sure that I am doing everything possible to try to prevent a complication and am unsure if I should seek a second opinion or be doing anything else.
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