Breast Augmentation - Wanted a Full C and Ended Up with a 38DD

3 yrs ago had breast aug. Wanted full C ended up...

3 yrs ago had breast aug. Wanted full C ended up with a 38DD and have felt huge since then. I understand a lot of women ask for a size bigger and end up wanting even more than they requested. Not my case!!

I know there is no guarantee of an exact size. My Dr. did a beautiful job and it was performed through the umb cord so little trauma which I was happy about.

Professional, safe, caring Always wanted a bit of cleavage plus I knew many women who had procedures by same provider, always heard positive comments. Traveled 300 miles out of area so to maintain some privacy in small community.

Could I have some saline removed without a breast lift and get a more satisfying outcome?


I need to know your doctor. I went to Dr, Gray in SF and wanted a 38DD, but he refused and told me he only goes to 38D (D cup=700 cc). He's a nice guy so I did it. I was a 38 B and I had my boob job in August 2006 and after the surgery a 38D looked big really, but now in 2012 I want to go bigger! I want a doctor that is not afraid to make my boobs bigger. Money is not an issue, I want my DD's!!!
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What was the doctors name so I can do a consultation an the price looks good for me. I really would love to know!? Thank you
Since money isnt an issue for you would you help pay for me a tiny bit of heaven ! Im angel from LA 318 359 8911
Name not provided

I was "small" barely 34B, and wanted full C cup. I now wear a 38DD. My Dr. told me before surgery that a lot of women return because they want a bigger size than they originally requested.He said many Drs will go bigger than smaller than requested because of this.

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