Painful Discomfort Under Armpit Next to Breast Implant

I underwent transax subpectoral breast...

I underwent transax subpectoral breast augmentation August 28, 2009. I have been a in a lot of pain, i am 5'2", 105 lbs, with little breast tissue. I had Gel 250cc left & 275cc right.

My MAIN concern is i can't lift my right arm without feeling a sharp shooting needle-stabbing type of pain right beneith my armpit on side of my rib cage, next to where the implant rests at the bottom. As i move the implant away from it (just a few mm away), i can lift my arm and even feel something stretching, as soon as i release the implant it lays on top of whatever it is and causes the pain.

My left arm is perfectly fine and i can move it with reasonable pain/discomfort, but is it possible this may not go way/wrong placement/revision or other?

Is a sharp shooting needle-stabbing pain beneith the armpit on the side of the implant normal?


Fenugreek is sold at vitamin shops but I get mine from good luck
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It never went away for me, I removed the implants and suddenly all these discomforts seem to have dissapeared and I now am in herb treatment fenugreek seems to be working wonders am now up 2 cup sizes good luck to you.
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I noticed you said you are up 2 cup sizes. Was this from fenugreek? What is it, where do you get it and is it costly? Thanks so much for the info!
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I have been in discomfort and in a lot of pain!

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