One Implant Sits Higher Than the Other

I chose to get breast implants to improve my...

I chose to get breast implants to improve my overalll self image and self esteem.

I fill out shirts better
I look more feminine/womenly

They are very different from one another
I cannot go braless because it is obvious one sits higher
I cannot wear a bathing suit because it is obvious
I feel more self conscious then when I didn't have implants

Photo Update

Name not provided

He seems to always look over the fact I am pointing out what I am unhappy with from my results. He is not the best with communication skills.

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what? i thnk your beautiful!! dont nit pick they are like sisters not twins, nobody has the same exact boobs implants or not...they look great!
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Hi, just wondering if you were happy with your revision results? I had the exact same problem and i'm currently 6 months out from my original surgery. I'm having my revision done next week and my PS is also only charging for the anesthesia. Just wanted to know if it was the change you wanted, if its worth going back through surgery. Thanks
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thats totally normal, they look great and you should feel great! i cant wait to get mine :)
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Hi all, Well I went to my 3 month post op. I am undergoing my revision surgery on January 4, 2010. My PS pointed out how my left breast falls a little more laterally. He was excellent about seeing what the issue was and understood I deserver the best results possible. Since this is due to my own natural asymmetry he is only charging me for anesthesia ($450 + tax). I could not be happier. I will post my results after surgery.
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If you analyze your preoperative pictures you had two different breasts. If this was not recognized before surgery that is why you look different after surgery. You will need surgery to correct it
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I have the same issue but am only a month p/o. I have been told that this can be fixed by the Dr due to how the pocket was shaped for your implants & the scar tissue you may have already had. I go in for my followup tomorrow...I will let you know what he says. I am also smaller on that side too, so may need to get them redone! :/ hopefully at his expence since he should have worked that out with me before surgery.
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It is the same situation I have. Two different levels and now I also have scar tissue harder in my right breast (already lower) so I can see it much more. I feel you.
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I hear, too, that it takes some time for the breasts to settle. If you look at pictures of people a few weeks after surgery and compare them with a year later they look sooo much better. I haven't had breast augmentation done. I'm trying to do research right now and don't know many people from NM to ask. Who was your surgeon, if you don't mind my asking.
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Hey Mel85, My Surgeon was Dr. Chester Sakura. At first I didn't recommend him because his communication skills are not very good. However, I do not blame him for my BA because it can happen in the hands of the best surgeon. He has done a few of my friends and there's look amazing. However, I went and saw him yesterday and showed him my concerns and he told me to give it one more month (they like you to wait a total of 3 months) and he is convinced it will drop however if it doesn't he will do a revision. If you are looking for plastic surgeons in Abq, NM, Dr. William Loutfy is really great too. I almost went with him. A few of my friends did and some of my family. Good luck!
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I overlooked that you are only 2 months out. It does take time for the implants to drop sometimes even 6-12 months before they finally settle. Hopefully you'll be happier as time goes on.
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Hey you...I'm hearing ya! Hang in there. It's early days...sometimes the bigger the implant...the longer they take to settle. I am just 8 weeks p/o myself. I had 335 unders and my lefty rides high...but in the last week it has dropped a little. I think you look great! Good luck...G
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I think you results look great. I have the same issue with one implant sitting a bit lower. It's a subtle difference to everyone else but it bothers me. The implant can be repositioned but that does require further surgery. That's what I'm looking into. Good luck
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