One Implant Sits Higher Than the Other

I chose to get breast implants to improve my...

I chose to get breast implants to improve my overalll self image and self esteem.

I fill out shirts better
I look more feminine/womenly

They are very different from one another
I cannot go braless because it is obvious one sits higher
I cannot wear a bathing suit because it is obvious
I feel more self conscious then when I didn't have implants

Photo Update

what? i thnk your beautiful!! dont nit pick they are like sisters not twins, nobody has the same exact boobs implants or not...they look great!
Hi, just wondering if you were happy with your revision results? I had the exact same problem and i'm currently 6 months out from my original surgery. I'm having my revision done next week and my PS is also only charging for the anesthesia. Just wanted to know if it was the change you wanted, if its worth going back through surgery. Thanks
thats totally normal, they look great and you should feel great! i cant wait to get mine :)
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He seems to always look over the fact I am pointing out what I am unhappy with from my results. He is not the best with communication skills.

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