Breast Implants Are Too Small

Started with a C cup, got Mentor HP 500cc silicone...

Started with a C cup, got Mentor HP 500cc silicone textured implants, overs, under breast fold incision. Was after a "bigger" or fake look, also wanted breats to be in proportion with hips.

I am currently just over a week out and I am not happy with my breasts. They're pointy, they have limited fullness at the bottom, and frankly, It doesn't even look like I've done anything when I'm clothed.

From what I heard from other ladies/friends, the biggest they went was about 450 cc and ended up with very large breasts, some starting at a b cup, and I started at a C and went with 500cc. I'm extremely disappointed, at my one week review my PS said he had trouble even getting the 500's in.


Basically, I wanted really round, large breasts. This, I do not have even after 500cc. Any advice?
I'm scheduled for implants and a revision to an abdominoplasty on Monday. I had a breast lift years back after losing a massive amount of weight (over 150lbs!) and I was/am extremely pleased with the results! So, no need for a lift (mastopexy). I work in medicine and reconstruction/plastic surgery is part of my field. Even I had difficulty in determining which implant and size to go with. Ultimately, it is your decision. I have a great surgeon who honestly gave me his professional opinion and I brought my bf (who builds things and has a great eye!) for his opinion. I was originally going with the Allergan Naturelle silicone moderate profile implant in 659cc. While that seems like a LARGE implant, I have learned that every BODY is different. Chest width(mine is 17) and other measurements have MUCH to do with achieving the best look ... and bang for your $$. I'm 5'4, currently weigh 148, have broader shoulders and am not a little girl. After trying the 659cc's in a bra and tighter fitting tank top (be sure and bring one with you!!!!) I turned sideways in the mirror and did not like the way the implant looked from the side - too large and sloppy. I went to the 616cc (to be done subglandular) and viola! Perfect! Take your time, do your research and don't hesitate to go back for a second consult. Always choose a board certified F.A.C.S. surgeon who uses boarded anesthesiologists.
Yes, I too agree that I love the big breast look,, I have 600cc implants right now, and I will be doing a redo and I would like to go 750-800cc's I am 5 foot 7 1/2 inches tall and i weigh 142 pounds, I have big hips, so 600cc implants to me dont look extremely large, I think I could still pull off 700 or 800cc implant look and still look good. I think that it depends on your height weight and shape of your body, so to each its own, if it makes you happy do it, you only live once. I know eventually I will need to do a third or fourth surgery and maybe when im older i will want smaller implants, ill worry about that later. For now I will live for today and do what makes me happy, i think you should do the same......good luck!
I totally understand your point, I too think large round breasts are SEXY, if you have the personality and body to carry them Im 5'6 160 solid..SO MANY WOMAN MYSELF INCLUDED want that round sexy look then pick 400cc or 450cc and are very dissappointed that they "WENT TO SMALL" Maybe for a smaller frame woman those sizes are good but not very big framed girls.. I am however kinda confused that a size C before left you small with 500cc? I was a flat B got 533cc's and am a D...bit I am going bigger for DD...hey it rounds out my shape and to me looks better in shirts...too each his own..I GET YOU
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I suppose he is good at other surgeries, did an excellent job on my nose

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