NC Mom - Finally Feel Like a Woman at 40

Pros:Finally feeling like a woman at 40!Not...

Finally feeling like a woman at 40!
Not worrying about looking flat in outfits

The cost
Not the desired result

I went to a plastic surgeon here in Charlotte, NC. Still dealing with some asymmetry issues and more fullness on one side than the other. Trying to be patient, but have seen many other surgeries at 6 weeks post op looking much better.

Chances of implant moving back down after having...

Chances of implant moving back down after having migrated upwards about a 1/2 inch due to bruising and swelling after surgery?
The doctor is in downtown Charlotte. I went with saline.
Whats the doctors name? I'm looking into getting mine done
What doctor in Charlotte? Having implants done in 3 weeks by doctor on outskirts of Charlotte. Are they silcone?
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