Breast Implants Look and Feel Natural

Pro: I was a 34A maybe even a 34 AA and now I'm a...

Pro: I was a 34A maybe even a 34 AA and now I'm a 34D. I went for a Full C but once they dropped and filled out they were small D's. Woohoo.

I've always had a small chest and so do all my sisters. Playing sports didn't help my chest get any bigger either. My hips are 38 so you can only imagine that I was shaped like a pear. I wanted to look more like a woman and balance out my hips so I got 450CC saline implants under the muscle for the more natural look. My boyfriends and friends couldn't even tell I had them done. Well except for the ones that knew me very well of course.

I got it done through the belly button which left no scar. That also explains the price tag. It would've been $6500 if I went through the nipple, under the breast or armpit. But I didn't want a visible scar. It was well worth it.

Con: The price, but it really isn't a Con because I'm more than satisfied with the results and I did it in Beverly Hills with a doctor you've all seen on TV. I didn't get to see him much after the surgery, he's a busy man. I had to book like 6-12 months ahead and this was in 2006.

Robert Rey

He's Dr. 90210 and he's passionate about what he does!!! Look at my pictures!

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Hi there, any chance of before and after shots because I'm the same before size as you were. Also want to be a d cup. Cheers
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Did your price include your visits and all costs of surgery? It seems realistic for such a well known surgeon.
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Yes it did.
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