34A/32B to 32D - Biggest Mistake of my Life

I went from 34A/32B to 32D. I just wanted 'boobs'...

I went from 34A/32B to 32D. I just wanted 'boobs' they look great but just doesn't feel like 'me'. At 30 years of age i had come to accept my flatness.

My problem with them is more psychological then physical. I'm so depressed now. How they make me feel just isn't worth it. Biggest mistake of my life.

Only done 5 weeks ago. will there be much sagging, damage if they were to come out?
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Did u get the bags out? I want mine out, I dont like having the implants inside of me weighing on my chest. I don't understand how anyone could enjoy this feeling, they are NOTHING like natural breast tissue, u cannot even compare the two.
I don't care what I look like afterwards. At least I won't have nasty jelly bags inside of me
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Do you have pictures? What CC did you get, what were you before, under or above the muscle, etc?
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Why do you want them taken out? I went through the same thing. But my deal was that I felt like I paid money and can't tell I got anything done. I wish I would have went bigger. Everyone tells me to give it time that they will settle and look bigger which I keep thinking they won't but only time will tell. Give it time they say everyone goes through this depression. Do you think you are too big? Only 5 weeks you are still really swollen. I am at 2 months and I have taken weekly pictures and I can tell each week they have gone down.
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