Mommy Makeover - Shrank to 32A After Losing Baby Weight

I finally got the breasts I never had. With all 3...

I finally got the breasts I never had. With all 3 of my pregnancies, my 34B cup would become 38D and I would gain 40+ lbs. After finally losing my baby weight, my breasts shrank to a 32A, very saggy and the nipples were now facing downward. I also had a big belly "pouch" no matter how many times I did sit-ups, crunches, everything. I was working out 3-4x/wk. at the gym and taking cardio classes, too.

I was tired of working out, eating healthy and looking great in every other way except for the belly and no boobs. Finally, I gave myself the permission to just do it - as a birthday present.

It's been hard for me to recover with a toddler who insists on being picked up - the doctor had said no heavy lifting for 6 wks. My abdomen scar gets better but then the toddler does something which sends a shooting, ripping pain across the scar. At the end of the day, the scar looks red & purply again. 2 steps forward, 2 stpes back with the healing...

How did you choose this doctor? Is your scar fairly short? I too have two small children and am very active and eat healthy, I really want to want to give this makeover to myself (because the 'pooch' is just not going away), but want to know what to expect with regards to having young children and recovery.
Congratulations on your great results. Every woman deserves to be satisfied with her body image!
Congratulations! I am scheduled for mine in 3 days and I AM EXTREMLEY nervous. I have very low pain tolerance so that is what i am scared. I am having breast implants Silicone 450cc breast lift and the tummy tuck.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

His incisions were done very well and I was very impressed. My new belly button looks natural and not like a gunshot wound or a coin slot I saw at another doctor's "After" pictures of his patients...He was extremely professional and did excellent work.

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