Messed Up Boob Job (425cc Implants, Under Muscle)

I had 425cc breast inmplants under the muscle on...

I had 425cc breast inmplants under the muscle on both sides as well as a lift on both about 4 months ago.

I am now experiencing what I think is "double bubble" on one, and the other seems to have come out from under the muscle. They are uneven and basically messed up.

When I went for a follow up, I was told I'd probably have to pay for reconstruction of both. I am extremely frustrated.

Is there any way that the problems I'm having are my fault? Should I really have to pay for something like this so soon after my original surgery?
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I had my boobs done 2yrs ago and my right one dropped(alot), my Dr. performed a lift twice on it,(didn't charge me) I have a big scare and my nipples messed up. Both times i had inside stiches which were suppose to dissolve.Both times my body rejected them and spit them out. Now my dr. wants to lower the left one but want to charge me the 600 for hospital fee! I think ones under and ones over the muscle. I've already seen a lawyer, but he wont take my case unless i can find a doctor to say and testify in court that it's male practice! HELP! Does anyone know a dr. that will be willing to fix them and testify?
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The combination procedure of breast lift with implants has the highest revision rate of all breast surgery. Always a good idea to seek a second opinion.
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