Love my Breast Augmentation - Breasts Look Natural and Incision is Small

I had an augmentation done because I wanted larger...

I had an augmentation done because I wanted larger breasts. I just wanted to say how very pleased I am with my results. I am only 7 days post operative and am already so excited with my results. My breasts look so natural and the incision is so small.

The doctor is a true artist and his professionalism is unmatched. I would reccomend him and his staff to any of my friends who were considering having a breast augmentation.

Hi! i just had my surgery with Dr P 2 days ago, and so far my breast look great, but i'm worried about the scar around the that the way you did yours if you don't mind me asking? Im hoping it'll heal nicely. I did get them quite large (575 cc's) for my short self :)
Hey there. Congrats on your new additions! You can ask me anything. And yes, I had quite a heafty scar. My surgery was October 27th and just now I am starting to see the scars fade. Although they are still pink and very noticable. My good friend had her boobs done and she said that the scar didn't really go away until 6 months. I have seen other women from Dr.P and they have healed very nicely with no scar at all. So don't worry...think positive...and you will heal just fine. If you have any other questions don't hestitate to ask. Good luck with the girls...LOL!
Thanks, im healing so crossing my fingers my scars wnt be bad! :)
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

He is an artist who specializes in breast augmentation and it shows!!!!

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