Breast Augmentation & Lollipop Lift - 5'2" 117lbs - 330cc Mentor High Profile Implants

I am a mother of 3 my youngest is 11 months. I've...

I am a mother of 3 my youngest is 11 months. I've breastfed all three children, so my breasts have been through a lot. I am 30 years old and I was feeling very self concious about the appearance of my sagging deflated breasts. After many years my husband and I decided to finally have the surgery done.

I had a breast aug and lollipop lift 2 weeks ago, but I see that my right breast is higher and more swollen than my left. I am 5'2" 117lbs and have 330cc Mentor Cohesive III high profile 333 silicone gel anatomical implants.

Now after it's done, I feel like I can't believe I actually did it! I just didn't expect the recovery to be so complicated. I hope that I am not overreacting, but I just hope that the final results will be well worth the trouble.

Should I start massaging them or not? Is this...

Should I start massaging them or not? Is this uneveness common and will it subside and even out eventually? I also have more pain on my left side than my right, did I do something to provoke this?
how much did it change your cup size?
Thanks, I got the ok from my doctor to start lifting over 5 pounds at about 3 weeks too. I can start to wear a normal wireless bra at 4 weeks which is this friday, yeah!
I was able to wear a sports bra after 1 week but was to wear it 24/7. I actually still wear it so it doesn't affect my incisions in the crease. I was able to lift my arms slowly prob 3 weeks maybe? not really sure and I didn't really lift much but prob 5 pounds after 2 weeks. My PS said if it hurts don't do it as a rule, let your body tell you what you can do. I think you'll be happy if you give it time, mine change weekly.
Dr. Ibrahim Abi Abdallah

My doctor was very informative and helped me decide on the right implant for what I wanted to acheive.

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