Implant Nightmare - Unhappy with Shape

I had a few lumpectomys over the past 2 years...

I had a few lumpectomys over the past 2 years leaving my left breast an entire cup size smaller than my right. I had BA on June 30th to make them both the same size. The implants were silicon (390 and 370 I think).

The day after the surgery the bandage was removed and I thought to myself "these don't look right". My PS assured me as long as I wore the compression straps they would settle into place over the next few weeks.

I'm now 7 weeks PO and my implants haven't dropped. My breasts are 'torpedo' shapped, droopy, nipples are not centered they are too low and I have an un-natural fullnes in the upper part of my breasts. I wore the compression straps 24/7 for 2 weeks PO and then at night only and I see no improvement. Also, when I massage, the implants don't displace into the upper section of the pocket as shown in the instruction video.

I went to see my PS Monday and he told me to keep wearing the straps 24/7 for another month. He said if the implants don't drop he recommends a lift, but I am afraid that will still leave me with that un-natural fullness in the upper poles of the breasts. I know people that had BA and they looked great 2 weeks PO.

What happened to me and what can be done to correct this? I don't want breasts that look deformed.


Hey, how do you feel about your implants now, 10 months after your surgery? I got my implants in January 16th this year and they're still high in my chest. I can't wait 'till they drop. Some friends say to be patient because I used to workout a little and the muscles take a while to adjust. I just wanted to hear it from your experience what ended up happening with yours?
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now that you are about 12 weeks post-op how do your breasts look? I'm curious b/c i have the same breast shape as you.
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i feel just like you. my breast are oblong, and are hard as a drum. my ps also said to continue wearing my strap, and massage religiously. I'm 4 weeks po and my breasts haven't changed. I also have a hard golf size scar tissue at the bottom of my right breast, this breast also sits higher. I have an appt in 2 weeks, i will keep u posted on what my ps has to say. Keep me posted, i hope you're breast shape come in soon enough. good luck.
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he is an excellent PS, but something went wrong with this procedure

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