Im Not Happy with my Breast Aug

I had a son and lost the fullness in my breasts so...

I had a son and lost the fullness in my breasts so i decided to get breast implants 3 months ago. I was a 34A and wanted to be a D n my nipples were a centimeter off, i wound up getting 390cc and dont think they are as big as they should be at all.

My nipple pops out of bras n bikinis, they never sat high and have been the same place since the opereation, I think they were positioned too low. I have no bump on the top of my breast and defeats the whole purpose of doing it to get fullnes back, I only get a bump if I wear a extreme push up bra.

When i went back for my 3month check up I talked about how they werent as high as i thought, but he kinda avoided the question and said they were fine. Im not a dr. n didnt know if it was normal or not so I left it at that. When I left my friend called and was going for her 3month check up also and said she has the same problems. The only thing Im happy about is that they are bigger then they were. How can I figure out if its not just my opinion and what can I do now?

Same problem here. My surgeon told me the only way tor fix it is to have surgery again. And $1250 extra. I'm so disappointed and mad, and sad. And I had surgery in September , only 3 months ago. And is not like that I have them big , only 270cc .
I had surgery 3 months ago, and I have same problem. But my implants are only 275cc , is not like they're too big. Today I talk to my surgeon, and he told me than I need to have surgery again if I want too fix it. I m so disappointed. He wants $1250 more. And his office is in Doylestown.
Yes I have to agree the dissection of the pocket looks to low. At least this can be corrected, you should discuss this the surgeon.
Dr. Silberman

he was nice but I just think he positioned them a little to low.

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