350cc Mentor Implants, Need Redo Due to Capsular Contracture

I had breast augmentation done eight years ago....

I had breast augmentation done eight years ago. The implants are 350cc, Mentor silicon gel, placed subglandularly.

I was quite happy with the results. Now I have Baker grade IV of capsular contracture in my left breast and grade III in my right breast and they dropped quite a bit.

I understand that I should get capsulectomy, breast lift and another breast augmentation done. Although, I hope that my breasts could look OK after having only a breast lift, as I really don’t wish to go through potential complications with breast implants again... I however doubt that it will be possible as I believe I don’t have enough of my own tissue and yes, it is important to me that my breasts look nice, round and full that appears can only be achieved with breasts implants.

Also, I would like to change the position of the implants to subpectoral in order to avoid the reoccurrence of capsular contracture and to get a more natural look and also, would like the areolas reduced.


Sweetie, I had almost the same problem you do minus the CC. Overs that looked horrible, enlarged areolas, and pendulous, sagging *ball in sock* looking breasts. A couple yrs ago I had a procedure done by my PS. where he removed my old implants and capsules, preformed a breast lift, and switched my implants to *under the muscle* position. It was painful and a long recovery but it has made my life almost 98% better. I know how heavy those things are being athletic. It can be fixed by a qualified Dr. and it is SOOOOOOO worth it trust me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Please would you tell me who did your sucsessful correction.
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After the surgery the breasts were a bit asymmetric.

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