Great Breast Aug. Experience (500-550cc Implants)

For my breast augmentation, I selected my Dr....

For my breast augmentation, I selected my Dr. after much research and even consulting with 3 other physicians.

My Dr. made me feel comfortable, and listened intently to exactly what I wanted to achieve: full breasts, not obnoxious, and very natural looking.

I chose the silicone gel implant and stressed for days about CC size... too big, too small.... regrets.... Dr. P instructed me to bring in photographs of breasts I thought looked ideal. I went on his site and sorted through 800 before/after cases and selected those I thought would match my goals.

On surgery day Dr. P came in and asked if I chose a size, I told him 450 but he thought I was guessing too low to be satisfied with my results. I said "Tom, you are the artist, make me beautiful, you know what I want". I trusted him to put the size necessary to get my results. During surgery he used a 500 and 550 cc implant and I can tell you I am SO SO SO glad I trusted him as an expert. My breasts are perfect!!!

Dr. P is truly an artist and a caring physician. I am thrilled with my results and treatment as a patient. All my friends will be getting a referral for my Dr.

Thank you!!!

San Diego Plastic Surgeon

see above description....

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You look GREAT! And yes I want that same kind of look. Did you go under the muscle or over?
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I personally want the (PORN STAR LOOK).Why pay thousands of dollars for something I could go buy a push up bra to do, to look quote...NATURAL.Everyone is entitled to their opinion and choice.IN my opinion big and porn looking is beautiful.Your breast look nice and your surgeon did a great job.ENJOY!!!!
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mr p is great, i just had mine done 2 days ago, and he chose 575cc's. I feel like they fit my body perfectly, im just worried about the scarring around the nipple, if you don't mind me asking, did yours heal nicely?
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I too just recently upgraded my implants from 325cc to 550cc less than 1 week ago. I bought new bras in a D cup. Since you also have the same size implants, are you a D cup or DD cup. The bras I bought (Victoria Secret) look a bit small. I am still having to wear the sports bra for 3 more weeks. Thanks-
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Wow, I'm glad you like them, but to me they look extremely unnatural, especially as your natural breasts were lovely. I just keep thinking to myself that women are trying to compete with porn industry images, and it's really not a true gauge of sexiness at all. Nevertheless I hope you continue to feel good about your breast operation. I can't believe anyone would let a plastic surgeon (with their limited range of beauty ideals) choose breasts for them. Scary.
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I'm glad you're happy, but I saw your "before" photo and thought, "what gorgeous breasts!"
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I have heard loads of great things about Dr P, you got a really good surgeon there! Enjoy your new boobies! :)

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