Breast Implant Redo: Submuscular to Subglandular

I had submuscular implants in 2000 and the doctor...

I had submuscular implants in 2000 and the doctor stuffed them up. Didn't release the muscle properly and bad scar. 5 years later I got up the nerve to go under again and have them fixed. By then, all the surgeons who I went to were very reluctant to try and sort out someone else's mess.

Finally I went to an ancient doctor in Manly who not only sounded confident he could fix them, but he pretty well did it for free (claiming on medicare on my behalf so I only paid the difference). He did a fantastic job. Took implants out of submuscular, reattached muscle to bone, new implants subglandular, scar revision.

I'm actually pretty happy with them still and they are still getting better (years later) however I know they will droop at some point and also: there is a little visibility of one implant (I'm quite thin, which is why submuscular was the choice of my first surgeon). But nipple sensitivity is good, they feel good (although I can feel the implant) and they look great. Certainly look a dam sight better than the Frankenstein's bride look my first (and more expensive) surgeon left me with.

1) Does subglandular placement cause more tissue thinning then other placements and is this an issue for future redos? 2) Is it possible that some women have muscles "too strong" to get a good result from submuscular? 3) Can I get a submuscular redo next, even though I'm subglandular now and was submuscular first? Or would that be more damaging to the tissue?
Dr Warwick Harper

The second doctor yes, although he was as pushy and rushy as all get out: he did a good job. Fixed what some thought couldn't be fixed. And charged me bugger all to do it. Plus 5 years later I still have free constult/check ups with him.

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Hi mellymoo Who was your dr in manly?? Im thinking about have mine resone from under to over! Mine are teadrop im thing to go round and bigger in the same go!
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You can absolutely go from under muscle to over! I just did it 14 days ago and am SOOOO happy. 6 months ago I had silicone implants submuscular (325CC). A couple issues: My muscles pushed them waaayyyy out and up even when doing the lightest lifting like carrying a grocery bag! I could just feel them all the time...I never got used to them. The pockets were too wide so when I laid down they slid into my armpits. And I could feel the implant and see it on the side where they seemed to protude below the muscle. I even had some rippling on the side eventhough they were silicone. After 6 months I had them redone with slightly larger implants (425cc) over the muscle and they look and feel 100% better. I was worried about them being more "palpable" over and more visible, but the opposite is true. I cannot feel them at all, they are soft and squishy and the top still looks very natural. And they don't move and appear completely disfigured when I use my pectoral muscles. BEST DECISION EVER! I was so worried because when you read the imput on here from plastic surgeons, they always say under muscle is better. That's not always the case. There is one doctor from the east coast who posts on here...what's his name? but he always responds that over the muscle is fine and they do it on the east coast all the time. Kudos to him.
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Hi there hun just wanted to ask what surgen did ur redo?
When u changed to ontop what kind of implant do u have?? Round?
Im going to change from teardrop to round i think....
Oh and are they high profile?

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