Started at 34B, Added 400cc/435cc - Worried Because They Don't Look Bigger

I had Breast Augmentation June 25, 2009. I have...

I had Breast Augmentation June 25, 2009. I have been upset because everyone says they can not tell a difference. I started with a 34b and I got 400cc on left, 435cc on right. I did it because I felt I had small breast. Everyone was getting them and I was jealous.

The cons so far would be the pain, I have had them 6 weeks now and I still hurt. Some days are better than others, some days I have to take Advil all day.

The don't look much bigger than before I had them. I am disappointed because I thought I would look different in shirts but you can not even tell.

Also everyone has made comments either to me or behind my back saying they can't even tell I got a BA. That is very disappointing knowing everyone thinks I didn't. One girl even told me she would get a refund. Also my husband has said they are not much bigger than before.

Once they settle will they look different. All my friends tell me to give it time that my skin is still stretching. Is this true? Even my husband has said they don't look much bigger than before.


they look big to me ! :P Maybe you were wearing push up before ? and now you dont wear pushup so they difference they cant tell? But also they are probably just jealous and want to make you feel bad.. They look great dont let others make decisions for you.
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people that are jealous will put you down to make you feel bad sometimes i think you look awesome!
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They look like D's, honey! I would be thrilled if I were you. Gorgeous!
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Kevin Snodgrass

Everyone else that has used him was extremely satisfied I think I am just too picky

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