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I am wondering if the right side will correct...

I am wondering if the right side will correct itself. Normally, my natural right breast is higher and smaller than the left. Shouldn't the surgeon had placed the right implant higher, since my natural breast lays higher than the left?

I underwent transax subpectoral breast augmentation July 28th. I had 275 cc Gel implant (right) and 250 (left). I'm 5'2, 110lbs, normally my right breast is smaller and higher than left, however, after the surgery when i lift my arm you can clearly see the implant on the right side. I am wondering if this will resolve itself, or would i need revision. I am very unhappy with the results, it is not supposed to look that way. If revision is required, how soon should i wait?

Yep... too much risk....although no surgeon in town will see me since i was operated somewhere else :-( I feel i'm stuck. It was silicone. can't afford 10K good luck with yours
I just had the same surgery you had on July 22nd. My breasts look a lot like yours and I had 275 silicone put in on each side. I am not too happy with the outcome either because my right one looks like your left one . Have you had any helpful answers you can share. Unfortunately, my surgery was done overseas. The plastic surgeons in town won't even look at me.
Hi there! Did you have silicone or saline? I was told by my physician this is not a double bubble or bottoming out.. i needed time since the implant will drop and make this disapear (not sure if this makes sense). Well, nothing has improved but he offered additional surgery to fix this . Not sure how, but i guess they will have to get a bigger implants...and who knows what other complication might arise. I am sure you can find a physician willing to fix it...from what i have learned, the surgeon must have made an opening below the crest of where your normal breast starts, so the implant went lower (someone correct me if i am wrong). I got a quote form another physician over 10K to fix this as it would take a long time to fix about 4 hrs in the operating room, going with a bigger implant, and it is a complex surgery. So yeah, i am stuck in this dilema. I don't think there is a quick solution, but additional surgery, more fees. I certainly woulnd't go back just too much to risk!
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