Breast Numbness (260cc Above Muscle Implants)

Four months ago I had 260cc breast implants placed...

Four months ago I had 260cc breast implants placed above the muscle with an incision in the crease below my breast.

Pros: I fit in clothing better, I have breasts!, I am more confident

Cons: 1/2 of each breast is numb, my nipples are numb, my doctor didn't share enough con info about the side effects of have textured implants (in a tiny framed woman), 4 months po and I still swell up if I go without a bra for 1/2 a day and my breasts are sometimes hard (during sex for example).

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I have no feeling in my nipples or the lower half...

I have no feeling in my nipples or the lower half of my breasts. I do get shooting pains on the inner parts of both breasts (where I am not numb). How can I tell if the sensation will return? Some say 3-6 months, other say 2 years. Is there a reason why doctors don't share more details about numbness to the entire breast?


hi, I'd love to know how you're feeling about the whole process these days?
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Mine look less fake now. They have dropped a bit the past 6 months and are expected to drop more. Do you have high or medium profile? I have medium so the fake look went away after about 4 months. I think it's always scary the first 8-9 months... at least that's what I understand from others.
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does the fake look from the beggining change?
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Name not provided

simply was not enough information provided about surface of my implants, the details on creating pockets to fit the implant or the nerve damage the pockets may cause.

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